Lew Electric PUR15-BK-2P Spill Proof Round Kitchen 4 Power and USB Pop Up - Black

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Spill Proof Four Power and Four Smart Charging USB Pop Up for Countertop Installations

The PUR15-BK-2P by Lew Electric is a round power station spill proof pop up designed for countertop use such as kitchens, restaurants, hotels, or any countertop surface where you need hidden power in wet or potentially wet locations. The top is round and features a black surface with chrome trim that looks nice in any countertop and hides away nicely when closed. When popped up the unit exposes your four 15 amp power outlets that are tamper resistant, as well as four USB charging ports. The USB ports feature a total of 3.6 amps of charging power, the ports are smart charging and automatically adjust to your device to provide the correct charging amount. The pop up is super easy to install and use, simply cut a round 3 3/4" hole in your countertop, drop it in and secure with the provided plastic flange to the underside of your counter by just threading it. There is an attached 9' long power cord with a 3 prong end that needs to be plugged into an outlet. To use, press the top and the unit will pop up slightly, then just pull up the rest of the way till it locks. When done press the unlock button and push shut till it latches. The PUR15-BK-2P was designed to be attractive yet functional, as well as pass code and be easy to install.

Spill Proof, IP54 Rated, ETL Listed, and Complies with NEC Code 406.5E for use in Countertops

The PUR15-BK-2P is IP54 rated, spill proof, and features tamper resistant 15 amp outlets and is approved for kitchen use in the USA and Canada. The power outlets are UL-1363 listed and the entire unit is ETL listed 4004534 and code CAN/CSA-C22.2 No. 21. The top is seamless so no water can get inside the unit, there is also a gasket under the bezel where it meets the counterop so water can't get in from the sides. The PUR15-S-2P is a perfect solution when you need to meet NEC code 406.5E approved for kitchen use and elegantly hide your power in a countertop surface. 

Dimensions and Certifications

Bezel dimensions: 4 7/8" round with outer trim ring
Cutout size: 3 3/4" round
Pop up height: 10 3/4"
Space Needed Below Counter: 13 3/4"
Works in countertop thickness range of 3/8" - 2 3/16"
Power cord length: 9' cable with three prong flat plug
Complies with NEC code 406.5E for use in countertops
The box is c-ETL listed # 4004534 for the USA and Canada
Tamper resistant outlets
Waterproof gasket under bezel
Warranty: 1 year

Kitchen (4)15A/USB charging pop up
Black with chrome trim top
Spill proof rated
Tamper resistant outlets
NEC code 406.5E for countertops
USA ETL & Canada c-ETL listed
Listing # 4004534 for ETL and c-ETL
Four 15A power outlets and 4 charging USB ports
Four shared 3.6 amp USB smart charging ports
The box is c-ETL listed # 4004534 for the USA and Canada
Code # CAN/CSA-C22.2 No. 21
The top has passed the Intertek spill proof test and has a IP54 water and dust rating
The power outlets are UL-1363 listed
Waterproof gasket under bezel
Integrated surge protection
Bezel dimensions: 4 7/8" with outer trim ring
Cutout size: 3 3/4"
Pop up height: 10 3/4"
Space Needed Below Counter: 13 3/4"
Works in countertop thickness range of 3/8" - 2 3/16"
Power cord length: 9' cable with three prong flat plug
Includes stainless steel trim ring
Not intended for outdoor applications
Warranty: 1 year
No tools needed to install
Please contact your local electrical inspector prior to installation, installation should only be done by a licensed electrical installer

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Susan November 30, 2016

We were looking for one that had 4 power in it and this has worked perfectly, just make sure you have the space for it in your cabinet as it is very long.

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Ask a Question!

Do you have a model with GFI?

Yes, please look at our PUR20 series with integrated GFI.

Is this UL Listed?

This item is ETL listed, ETL is tested to UL standards and is a Nationally Recognized Testing Laboratory (NRTL).

Is this approved for kitchen use?

It is approved for kitchen use under NEC code 406.5E, is ETL listed, features tamper resistant outlets, and has a spill proof rating. 

Is the trim ring (outer flange) included?

Yes, the stainless steel trim ring is included. 

Can the PUR models have granite installed on the top of it?

This model can be installed in granite or any surface from 3/8" thick to 2 3/16" thick, but it can't have the granite cutout as the top of the unit.

Do you have a model with USB and GFI?

Unfortunately there is no outlet on the market that has both GFI and USB. 

Can a 15A outlet be installed on a 20A line?

Yes a 15A outlet can be installed on a 20A line, however a 20A outlet cannot be installed on a 15A line.  Just make sure if you are using a 15A outlet on a 20A line that you are plugging this into a GFI outlet or that your panel is GFI protected. 

Can the pop up be used in an outside kitchen exposed to rain?

This model is designed only for indoor countertop use and is not designed or rated for outdoor applications. 

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