S-BOX Bakers Box Kitchen Countertop Pop Up Chef Center, Stainless or Custom Top

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Hidden baking utencil pop up for custom installations

The Baker's Box from S-BOX is a countertop pop up chef's kit, it features a kitchen scale, a cooking timer, and a set of 4 measuring spoons. The glass and stainless steel scale is made by Salter and works on both solids and liquids, the cooking timer is stainless steel and magnetic, and the 4 measuring spoons consist of 1/4 tsp, 1/2 tsp, 1 tsp, and 1 Tbsp. The Chef Centre features a brushed stainless steel top however you can also add your own custom top such as granite to it, this allows for a seamless and beautiful look that hides itself in any kitchen. The Baker's Box is a stylish way to add organization and convenience to your kitchen or any countertop where you want a high quality pop up chef station or the ability to add your own custom top.  ***If you have a 2cm surface you will be required to purchase the Storage UM undermount bracket***

4 ways to install

The Baker's Box can be installed to show just the brushed stainless steel top or your own custom top such as granite, quartz, or timber. There are 4 ways you can install the Bakers Box:

1: Standard: Surface mount showing stainless steel top

2: Flush Mounted: Recessed showing stainless steel top or custom insert

3. Rebated: Custom created ledge for 30mm or 3cm thick or above for a custom top.

4. Under Mounted: With an optionally purchased bracket you can install the Knife Box in 20mm or 2cm thick surface and have a custom top.

No buttons to press!

There are no buttons to press to get the unit to pop up, simply press the top and the heavy duty counter weights pop the unit up. There is no spring to ever fail, to close it just press the top till it latches.

Kitchen custom top baker pop up
3 hooks to secure items
Custom top with granite or quartz
Does not need power to pop up
Includes scale, timer, & spoons
Lid hinges for easy access
Includes Salter scale, stainless steel magnetic kitchen cooking timer, 4 measuring spoons (1/4 tsp, 1/2 tsp, 1 tsp, and 1 Tbsp)
Brushed stainless steel top or use your own custom top such as granite
Pops up via counter weights by just pressing the top, there is no gas spring to ever fail
Bezel dimensions: 128mm x 436mm (5.039" x 17.165")
Stainless steel top cutout dimensions: 115mm x 425mm (4.528" x 16.73")
Undermount cutout dimensions: 103mm x 413mm (4.055" x 16.26")
Raised height above counter: 200mm (8.267")
Depth below counter minus counter thickness: 700mm (27.56")
Weight: 46lb
Warranty: 1 year

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Vinny September 23, 2016

Installed this for a client, the granite cutter has to know what they are doing but it turned out gorgeous.

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